ect BR-772

Qualification of Social Entities for the Local Development in Vale do Aço, Brazil

The main purpose of Fundação Acesita, a non-profit civil organization, is to improve the quality of life of 4,300 low-income individuals in the Vale do Aço (“Steel Valley”) through a collaborative project addressing capacity building and volunteerism together with community leaders, the municipal government of Timóteo, the Associação Comunitária de Produção Agropecuária de Timóteo (ACOPAT), the Instituto Católico de Minas Gerais, IBM and Xerox.

The project would refine and disseminate techniques for the production of banana candy, as well as minimize product transport bottlenecks, explore new markets for banana products, and construct experimental plots to increase the level of banana production in the region.

The initiative would also involve increased training and the use of volunteers, which would improve the capacity of certain groups to meet the existing demand for services.


Impact Report - Appendices