ect HO-228

Development model for the Cayos Cochinos Marine Biological Reserve off the north coast of Honduras

The Fundación Hondureña para la Protección y Conservación de Cayos Cochinos (FHCC) is a non-profit environmental foundation, which obtained legal status in 1993. FHCC’s principal activities are to oversee scientific research, work in collaboration with the government and other entities to develop and carry out a management plan for the Reserve, and to support community development activities in and around the Reserve.

Over three years, FHCC would provide training and implement small-scale development projects in 6 Garifuna fishing communities on Honduras’s north coast. Combined activities in community development, environmental protection and resource management would help to establish a sustainable development model for the Cayos Cochinos Marine Biological Reserve.  With this project FHCC hoped to set an example for Honduras and elsewhere about the role the private sector can play in environmental protection and sustainable community development.