Dominican Republic
ect DR-310

Reduction of Environmental Degradation in Sociedad Ecológica del Cibao in the Dominican Republic

The project DR-310 uses a holistic approach to redress environmental degradation. It aimed to alter resident interaction with the environment by breaking the vicious cycle whereby poverty leads to environmental degradation, which in turn leads to greater poverty.  The project lays the basis for intra- and inter-regional cooperation in environmental development and the ability of poorer communities to participate.

The grantee, Sociedad Ecológica del Cibao, Inc. (SOECI), is a regional, non-profit, volunteer, environmental and conservation association. The project staff would conduct educational activities, perform studies, and coordinate the implementation of projects with local governments and communities in environmental clean-up, pollution control, waste collection, soil conservation, and agroforestry/reforestation.