ect NC-233

Helping low-income, rural Nicaraguans affected by Hurricane Mitch 

The Fundación Orlando Robleto Gallo (FORG) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.  FORG’s goal is the development and consolidation of local-level, sustainable initiatives in municipalities populated by poor farmers.

 FORG planned a four-year project to improve access to credit, create and strengthen local development organizations, carry out conservation activities, and provide training and technical assistance in management, agriculture, credit, and environmental conservation to victims of Hurricane Mitch.  The intended beneficiaries are 800 rural families, totaling 5,000 individuals, in ten rural communities in the municipality of Villa El Carmen, Department of Managua.

FORG would help low-income, rural Nicaraguans affected by Hurricane Mitch recover productive capacity, and prevent future environmental disasters.





Photo 1. Banquito´s Offices in Villa El Carmen


Photo 2. An energy-efficient stove/hearth in Ceiva

Photo 3. Reforested área in Samaria

Photo 4. Reforested area around a house improving environmental comfort.

Photo 5. Área reforested with hedgerows in Samaria.

Photo 6. Reforested area around a school in Villa El Carmen.

Photo 7: Tortilla Producer.

Photo 6. Nicaragua Map I

Photo 6. Nicaragua Map II