ect ME-415

Alto   Sustainable Grassroots Development in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico 

The Fundación Comunitaria de Oaxaca (FUNCOM) is a non-profit, civil organization legally constituted in 1996.

FUNCOM would carry out a project to promote cooperation among business, government, and community organizations, and to mobilize and channel local resources to sustainable grassroots development projects.  To accomplish these two objectives, FUNCOM would establish a local development fund to leverage resources to finance small projects in the areas of education, health, and income generation and employment.  FUNCOM would also provide training and technical assistance to Oaxacan community organizations in many topics, including needs assessment, planning, project management and administration, and resource mobilization.

This project would result in a local development fund, which in turn would provide grants for education, health and income-generation development projects to benefit children and young people and micro-regional development projects, and to strengthen the management capacity of community organizations. The project would improve the quality of life and meet the basic needs of over 720 low-income families.