El Salvador
ect ES-175

Economic and social development in Nejapa, Apopa, Soyapango e Ilopango

Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo (FUNDE) was created in 1991 by 22 NGOs.  FUNDE designs and promotes alternative economic and social development strategies.

FUNDE, through participative research and an active commitment to the areas concerned by the project, planned to establish and promote alliances between stakeholders from the public, private and voluntary sectors to catalyze local development.

Among others, it aimed to answer the following questions: 

  • how to constitute an agency capable of managing the local development process?

  • what are the institutional mechanisms which allow viable alliances for local development?

  • how to generate the resources necessary to develop and make local development processes sustainable?

  • how to generate micro-regional organizations that facilitate regional planning and the mobilization and effective use of resources? 



Photo #1 – Parque, Santa Tecla


Photo #2 – Parque, Santa Tecla


Photo #3 – Pavement in Águas Calientes (Soyapango) before the improvement made by  the Fund.


Photo #4 – Pavement in Aguas calientes before works.


Photo #5 – Pavement in Aguas Calientes after the intervention of the Fund.


Photo #6 – Electricity in Colonia El Limon, Soyapango


Photo #7 – Sewer system in El Limon.


Photo #8 – Sports court in Colonia Las Flores, Soyapango.


Photo #9 – Playground in Colonia Las Flores.