ect BR-773

Improving Quality of Life of Low-Income Individuals

Asmare has around 380 members, but it benefits c. 1500 people indirectly. It develops partnerships with local companies, schools, public organisations, amongst others, who donate their waste to be collected by Asmare members, mostly low-income groups such as the homeless. Asmare´s work helps to increase the self-steem and sense of citizenship of this socially excluded population.

The  purpose of the project BR-773 ASMARE is to improve the quality of life of 1,275 low-income individuals living in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

The project is expected to:

1) create 45 new jobs to recyclable waste collectors  

2) improve average income of members in US$35 (from US$176 to US$211) per month





Photo 1- Bins made in Asmare´s carpentry workshop for sale. Each type of material should be placed in a specific bin:
Glass – green bin
Plastic – red bin
Paper – blue bin
Metal – yellow bin

Photo 2 – Asmare´s members working in the carpentry workshop.

Photo 3 – Paper presser in the Ituiutaba warehouse.

Photo 4 - Economic Solidarity Network’s Plastic Processing Plant