ect VZ-170

Assessment of IAF Financial Support

for Formación de Jóvenes Campesinos para la Producción Avícola, en el Asentamiento Campesino La Florida 

Two main factors motivated the development of this project, namely the widespread poverty of the rural population coupled with economic stagnation in the northwestern region of the Anzoategui Province; and, the fact that there were abandoned facilities in the Asentamiento Campesino La Florida, in Bruzual.

“The FUNTAG project involved capacity building in farming and ranching activities for 100 poor youngsters between the ages of 14 and 25 that had had little schooling and were unemployed or underemployed. Nevertheless, the goal of the project was not limited to training, but aimed at the future insertion of these youngsters into the job market, either as employees in already-existing productive units or as independent producers of units yet to be formed.” (Excerpt from the report).

The original proposal, which centered around general capacity building, was then broadened to include specific training in poultry raising associated with the production and trade in produce engendered both on the school farm and in the community at large.