ect PU-474

Assessment of IAF Financial Support for

Concertación interinstitucional para el control integrado de plagas y enfermedades en los principales cultivos de las provincias de Calca-Urubamba

This project focused on a very urgent need of the local producers, i.e. the increasing incidence of plagues that were compromising the production and harvest of corn and potatoes, as well as endangering the producers´ livelihoods:

“The Arariwa Project (PE-474) was aimed at reducing plagues and diseases afflicting the main crops in the Calca and Urubamba provinces in the Cusco Region.  It was designed to guarantee adequate agricultural production by controlling the risks of environmental contamination and by stimulating the local population and institutions in the region to work together in an integrated and cooperative manner.   

The project had three main objectives: to increase the number of farmers that adopt Integrated Pest Control[1] (IPC) practices for key regional crops (corn and potatoes); to augment and develop IPC technology suitable for the existing agricultural systems within the project area; and to improve the deployment of permanent pest and disease control programs pertinent to local farming. The project was geared to assist 900 producers in 24 communities in both provinces.”

[1] Manejo Integrado de Pragas (MIP).