ect BR-774

Strengthening Third Sector Operational Capacity through an Information System Project in Brazil

 “There is a consensus among those who study poverty in Brazil that one of its main characteristics is its correlation with the presence of children in the family. As a result, when considering the age of individuals, the proportion of poor declines as age increases: for a proportion of poor estimated at 35% of the population as a whole, the proportion of poor reaches its highest level among children less than four years of age (54.5%), declining monotonically until the 60 year-old-and-over age bracket (15.9%)” (Excerpt from the report).

Aiming to meet this need, this project was developed to create and implement a computerized framework to guarantee that a larger number of children and teenagers benefit from actions that contribute to the defense of their rights and the improvement of their quality of life.

The grantee, FADC (Fundação ABRINQ pelos Direitos da Criança), was created in 1990 as a non-profit organization associated to the Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers (Associação Brasileira de Fabricantes de Brinquedos -ABRINQ) and its reputation has grown thanks to its policies focusing on the health and education needs of children.